Manny Fox has one of the longest and most illustrious careers as a Broadway musical producer and director

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Manny Fox  The Broadway Hits

Among the numerous titles and credits to his name, Manny Fox has one of the longest and most illustrious careers as a Broadway musical producer and director. As well as being able to boast more than 24 celebrated hit anthologies of tracks from the likes of Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong, Manny Fox has successfully produced and directed various hit musicals.

Most recently, he has found acclaim in the product of Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies. As well as being a massive Broadway hit, Sophisticated Ladies has enjoyed unparalleled success with 5 national and international tours while also being the first and currently the only live Broadway musical to be streamed on Pay-Per-View television and was also released as a DVD special.

Puerto Rican ties are evidently very strong in Manny Fox’s works. Two recent Broadway musicals have included Family Fortune, a comedy musical about a Puerto Rican family’s in fighting over who should inherit the family fortune and another entitled “Murderous Instinct” that sees Fox producing and directing an all Puerto Rican cast and staff.

Manny Fox has enjoyed success after success, both as a Broadway producer and director and as a writer and compiler. His many music anthologies have included the likes of Bing Crosby’s greatest hits as well as numerous other successful hit compilations of Broadway pieces and Jazz anthologies. It might be difficult to pinpoint any single direction where he has enjoyed the greatest success, but when it comes to Broadway musicals, Manny Fox is certainly among the most widely respected and most successful of all producers and directors.

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